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From the latest real estate information of real estate (apartments, detached houses, land, etc.), we support
buying and selling, investment, renting, personal accommodation, real estate management, etc.
We support information about your investment, especially from overseas to Japan.

Real estate sales brokerage

Cost of acquiring estate Cost of acquiring real estate

The following costs are required to acquire real estate.
In total, you should spend about 8% of the real estate price.

  • Pay to real estate agent
    Brokerage fee

  • Attach to the sales contract
    Stamp duty

  • Charged when changing real estate registration
    License registration tax

  • Reward for real estate acquisition

  • Expenses to pay to a judicial scrivener

  • Insurance premiums (disaster insurance, earthquake insurance, etc.
    when added)

Flow of purchasing real estate Flow to real estate purchase

  • Step

    We will send carefully selected properties to real estate agents on a regular basis.
    If there is a property you want, the investor will report it in a questionnaire.

  • Step

    We would like to introduce our carefully selected properties to our investors.
    If you have any questions about the property, please contact us.
    We will send you detailed information in real time.

  • Step

    Investors actually check real estate locally and
    We will continue to purchase even after you are satisfied.
    Sales representative will drive to Kansai Airport (Osaka)
    You can buy real estate without coming to Japan.

Exampleof adeal

Successful transaction cases

Various real estate management

Newly purchased homes, old and attached homes, high-expected and reliable homes.
Manage such a unique large property.

  • Rent management

    Rent billing

    Payment status of rent, management fee, etc.

    We will send the rent etc. to the owner, send the payment statement, collect the rent and send it to the entire owner.

  • Handling complaints

    We respond quickly and accurately to complaints from residents and neighbors.

  • Dormitory management

    Taking advantage of the experience and know-how that has been involved in the operation and operation of student dormitories for studying abroad in China, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. for many years, you can live a more comfortable life in the dormitory. Offer.

  • Other management

    ・Recruitment of rental properties・Check home・Cleaning with the cooperation of various vendors, etc.・Rent collection / promotion / management・Tax payment management such as property tax
  • Regular patrols, building maintenance

    We will endeavor to clean and inspect common areas, maintain and manage buildings, and provide resident services.

Investment consulting

Global Links leverages real estate-related expertise and skills from a fair and objective location.
Coordination and analysis of effective use, acquisition, disposal, management, business operation, investment, etc. of real estate. We will propose a plan so that you can make the best choice based on.

  • Real estate sales / real estate purchase comprehensive support

    Information about property information

    Consultation from legal and tax authorities

  • Real estate integration

    Real estate price assessment

    Management of sales activity status (high-priced sales)

  • Real estate exchange / reunion

    Inheritance tax measures, tax preparation, asset split measures

    Investment support in the Chubu region

    Proposal of real estate ownership scheme by lawyers and overseas lawyers

    Comparison with gifts, remittances and loans

  • Effective use of real estate

    Basic research / market research

    Planning and proposal of basic design concept

    Comparison of construction costs

    Selection of products for effective use (rental apartments, rental buildings, parking lots, containers, rental offices, rental warehouses, solar power generation, commercial rental land, etc.)

  • Rental real estate business management

    Profit improvement and cheapness formulation (vacancy measures)

    Proposals for management and brokerage reviews

    Verification / review of borrowing status of financial institutions

    Validate and review repair plans and remodeling costs

  • Other overseas real estate / land / lease issues

    Proposal of tax saving effect by overseas real estate

    Purchase land rights and leasehold rights, formulate transfer plans, and verify the possibility of transfer to a third party

    Formulation of joint project plan


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